About Us

Our company was founded in 1995 as a family business in the beautiful province of Çanakkale in the North Aegean coast of Turkey- home of countless ancient historical sites including the ancient city of Troy and World War I Gallipoli battlefields. In its early years it was mainly an indoor furniture manufacturing company. After a decade in this sector, we identified that the market had new challenges in outdoor furniture making. In 2005, we seized the opportunity, went through a major shift in our business design and thinking and started manufacturing outdoor furniture. Swings were part of product range then too; in fact over the years we have designed quite a number of wooden swings in different styles using different materials. Finally in 2013, we put together all our expertise and know-how and set on a mission to produce "the perfect modern day swings" under the brand name "Swingroo". As of mid-2018, we also have a new brand dedicated to our overseas operations: Aida Swings.

The look and feel of solid wood furniture in gardens is sophisticated and timeless and it does not really stand comparison with any other material. Beautiful solid wood, top craftmanship and contemporary design combined with the ultimate epitome of comfort, swings, is where our passion lies and we look forward to sharing that with you!

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