Our Lara series is made from solid Larch timber. We apply a special technique to create grooves on the wood to give it a unique texture. Larch tree is a coniferous tree that grows in the subarctic parts of the Northern Hemisphere, therefore is native to cool and tough temparatures. The model comes in one size only as a three seater, and with standard beige colour cushions.. 

Lara is more affordable compared to other luxurious models of similar size.

Two layers of Italian OECE water-based wood coating has been applied for protection using dipping method, where parts are dipped in paint in large tanks. This process ensures the protective paint seeps through all parts of the frame. Metal components are electrostatically painted and are resistant against corrosion. Cushions and canopy are made from special outdoor fabrics resistant to sun, UV rays, moisture, dirt and stain.

Our products are shipped in two corrugated boxes and a water-tight zipper bag that contains the cushions. Product assembly is quite straightforward, installation guide and parts are provided with the product. We recommend assembly by two people.

For maintenance please apply same type and grade of water-based paint after getting rid of all the dirt and dust. If product has been left uncared for for long periods of time, please lightly sand and dust it off before reapplying the paint.



Lara is a 3-seater swing designed to combine the rich aesthetics of dark coloured wood and the luxury of a large seater at an economical price. It is available in one size and one standard colour:

  • 7550 Beige (Sunfabric 33106)

For product dimensions please check out the product photos.

Recommended complimentary product/s: Winter cover range (9001, 9015)

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