Superior Quality

At Aida Swings we work hard to meet the highest standards of product quality. When it comes to outdoor furniture, durability should be the top concern for sellers who would like to have satisfied customers. Aida Swings are made from beautiful and durable solid wood and joined by anti-corrosion treated metal parts. Types of wood we use in our products are iroko, larix, sapelli, finnish pine and kosipo all of which are heavy-duty timbers used in outdoor industries such as wall cladding and marine construction. Wood is a live organism that responds to environment conditions- it would expand, shrink, bend and twist. Therefore in addition to the type of wood used, processing of it also makes a great impact on the durability of the final products. Lamination process in timber, where pieces of solid wood are joined together with a bonding agent ensures that the product keeps its form. In fact the final product becomes even more sturdier compared to a single solid piece of wood of the same size.

Stylish cushions and canopy are upholstered using Texsilk ®, a superior grade outdoor fabric by Spanish Etisilk. Texsilk provides >97% UV filtration and it has superior non-fading quality. It is also wear and tear resistant, first-grade anti-allergic (suitable for babies) and is 100% recyclable. It has maximum protection against chlorine, therefore suitable for pool sides. Since it is waterproof it is mould and mildew resistant.

Electrostatically painted 8mm-thick solid metal bars are used to hang the seaters instead of less robust conventional chains. A special hard plastic piece is mounted on the swing mechanism to avoid the squeaking.

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